Tension Taming

Ironically, as I came here to write a post about tension taming and finding balance in life, the photo uploading program went berzerk on me! Which made me upset, and then Oona got upset  and Jake got upset and the whole idea of writing about calm and tranquility seemed absurd. That's how life has been lately.. absurd. Just those few minutes of getting angry at machine, got me thinking about all the other stressful things going on right now. So much stress over so many silly things. 

Ok... breathe... let's get back to tranquility.  I must admit I've felt a bit nutty lately. Why is it that when life is at it's most stressful, people love to tell you how easy you have it. Is that why I feel like my heads on fire? I know that there are people who have very serious problems far harder than anything I have to deal with... extreme poverty, war, hunger, illness, death of a loved one, etc.... I suffer from none of these things right now... I have a lovely family and friends, a roof over my head, food in my belly... yes, I am lucky. But that doesn't mean that there are not difficulties to overcome... I suppose that's life for all of us. We need to step into each others shoes and see that we all have troubles and we all have blessings.

Pardon my little vent. Anyways, back to what this post was originally intended to be about... getting centered. I've been trying to start the day grounding myself, as I've found myself falling into pits of despair too easily these days. If there's time before Oona wakes up, I turn on my pregnancy yoga dvd.... that does wonders for me. I've also started trying to keep a daily sketch journal... mostly drawing little mandalas with pencil or whatever quickly pops into my head. I'm trying to find the visual artist in me again... she's been hiding for a while now, and I want that part of myself back. I'd also love to find sometime for a daily walk or even a run... that's tricky once Oona gets up, and it's hard to find quite enough time in the morning for everything. Maybe I'll have to alternate between yoga days and running days. I'd also love to start doing a little personal journaling... old style... paper and pen... just for myself... but finding the time for that is hard too. Oh, universe, I need balance! Help this topsy turvy girl!


Karen said…
hey bonnie, just wanted to chime in, i LOVE the idea for a sketching journal, i might have to try that myself. i, too, find that need for grounding and centering these days. i always say i was not meant to be a five-day worker, i know that's what school teaching is and while i'm passionate about the work, i'm not so excited about the schedule. i'm trying to be more intentional about "me" time. like forcing myself out of bed in the early dark morning for a half hour walk alone and some green tea (trying to work on just doing weekend coffee, both for saving money and health reasons). or doing SOME yoga poses every day. i completely understand the stress stuff you are talking about. feeling it now, too. sending hugs your way. i do love the mint eye pillows though btw i might have to order one for myself, i love mint everything. love your stuffed animal eye pillow idea for kids! xxx
I know how you are feeling exactly! I don't know if it's the same for you, but I was going absolutely crazy with being pregnant. Everything seemed like a "big deal," and I couldn't cope with anything, it seemed. Our baby is here, finally! And while I still have moments of absolute insanity (oh my, our Virginia is finding creative ways to show us she's struggling to adjust to the new baby!), I feel overwhelmingly better, overall. Hope you'll find some sanity soon, too! :)

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