Snap Snap

I finally started on a project I've been meaning to do for a while... homemade diaper covers. I bought Oona's on Etsy a while back because I didn't know how to use a snap gun a the time, but I was thinking for this next babe, I needed to learn to make them myself. This is an "all in one diaper" cover, so it's size can be adjusted and can probably be used up until she's potty trained.

I used this free pattern. Unfortunately, the pattern, despite claiming to be for snaps or velcro, only has the information needed to do velcro. I used one of Oona's covers to figure out the snap placement. (If you need the measurements, shoot me a message.  It's also for a full diaper, but I like to have a separate insert as I find it's easier for washing. This one was a test, so it will be for Oona because I needed to make sure it functioned properly. 
 I have to admit I've been afraid to learn to use the snap gun for some time now, partly because for some reason the ones I've bought have never come with instructions. I feel silly now because it really wasn't a big deal after all. This one is for plastic snaps... not sure if the metal snap guns work exactly the same, but I should conquer that one too. 


I was also afraid of doing the elastic on these, but that too, was no big deal. Sigh. I'll make a bunch more before the baby comes... so excited at the possibilities for fabric! 

 Note: It's a good idea to use fabric that is two directional. The print I used was one directional, and it is upside down on the back, haha. I knew this when I cut it out, but decided it was too cute not use anyways.

 Here's my cute little model who couldn't stay still for one second!

Happy Spring! It doesn't look much like Spring with all the snow that came down yesterday. And a happy birthday to our family store, "The Wildwood Flower"! Five years today! Hurray!


Jenna said…
adorable! loved the fabric that you picked up! Your little model is getting so tall!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks Jenna! Yes, she is quite tall... the rate this girl grows is miraculous... I keep wondering if she's going to be over 6ft when she grows up like her Uncle Trav.

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