Scenes from Christmas

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Gnome brought Oona a very cozy sled! And it snowed a bit last night so we might have cause to take it out for a spin today. Check out the sheepy slippers!

The little wooden tiger on the prowl below was made by Oona's Daddy. Oona has found it a useful tool in her daily play. Santa was kind to us this year. Hope he was kind to you too!

P.S. The appliance fairy has not been kind! Our wood pellet stove bit the dust the other day (our main source of heat!) Jake's on his way to get a replacement, but it has been one long year of appliances and such breaking on us. Not fair!


oona is always so stinkin' cute! Love the handmade tiger. Virginia got a LOT of electronic noise makers for Christmas from her extended family, which we explicitly asked to NOT receive. Oh well!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Haha. Oona got a bunch of electronic noisy things for her birthday in Nov. so luckily family showed a little more restraint at Christmas time.... she did get a number of non-mechanical noisy things like a tambourine and some shaky things. Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Was great fun taking Oona out for her first official sled ride! Hope you are keeping warm. It's freezing out! Oona's gramma

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