"Bapron" and Blocks

I promised to post some pics of some of the handmade things I made Miss Oona for her 1st birthday. So, before I totally get caught up in the holiday whirl, here are a few of the b-day projects.

First up, a cupcake bib to match the cupcake dress I made for her. I used this nice tutorial and pattern to make her a reversible "bapron". The pocket and number one were my own additions to the pattern. It's a nice bib because it gives a good amount of coverage and doesn't lift up because of the arm straps. You can't see it in my photos, but there is a tie for the neck.

These fabric blocks were fun to coordinate with each other. I'm not sure if she was totally into them, but she does try to pick them all up at once from time to time and squeeze them tight.

I'm going to post another post today about the special photo album I made her because it deserves a post of its own.


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