Rainbow Birthday Photo Album

My big project for Oona's 1st birthday was to make her this fabric photo album of each month of her life so far. I started at zero months so I could show her when she was first born. The back of each photo has a color and the corresponding number from each month. I wanted it to not only be a keepsake, but something she could look at and play with. It came out way longer than expected.. way way longer. I wanted to take a photo of it all the way opened, but it was just too long to do it properly in the house.

For each picture window I used clear plastic vinyl. If anyone out there wants to try making a similar project, I recommend using heavy vinyl. I used thinner stuff, and it got wrinkly after the fact... and you can't really iron it, even with a cloth on top because it gets melty (whereas thicker stuff could probably be ironed on a low setting with a sheet of fabric on top).

The most wonderful part about this project was going through photos and seeing all the different changes my babe has gone through in her first year. It reminded me of so many happy times.

It all folds up when you're done looking at it in a rainbow of Oona! I'm so glad I took the time to make this, for myself and for her. It will always help to remind me of some of the beautiful moments from her first year on this Earth. What a treat!


Jenna said…
This is so adorable Bonnie! I love this project! You should think about adding this as a product on your etsy shop. REALLY cute.

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