Oh Christmas Tree

Oh, there's nothing like the smell of pine needles in your living room! We went out in the rain yesterday to fetch ourselves this little table top tree, and stayed up until the wee hours decorating it. Oona seems to like it, and I like that it's out of reach of her fast little hands.

I have so many projects that I haven't gotten around to posting because the holiday season is just so busy... things to make, people to see and so on. We have a big town wide event happening tomorrow that our store is participating in... should be fun, and Jake's dad and my parents will all be here to celebrate with us. Hope your having some merry making this time of year! Things can get stressful real fast with worries about Christmas shopping (or making, as the case may be). But I think we all need to remember that the world won't stop turning and our families won't (hopefully not!) disown us if we don't find them that amazing thing or a zillion little things. It's not about the gifts... it's about the food, just kidding! So, time for some tea!


mary said…
One of the best gifts we gave our huge families, some years back, was being able to do Christmas without all the worry. I'd still be on the look out for the gift that spoke to me for this one or that but the pressure was off. I know how nice it feels to get something that someone thoughtfully made or bought for me but it's still enough to just know I am loved, admired, and adored. ha ha We'll do some cooking together and maybe even sing badly. We'll make great memories as well. Oona can play in her favorite place...the box, as we adore her.

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