Introductions and Whatnot

Hello! I'm starting this blog to share with you my artwork and crafts and other things that I find joy in, and also as a way to motivate me to do more of the things I love! I now live in the north country and run a country store with my true love, Jake, and we both spend our days making things. We hope to someday own a castle (small cottage in the woods) made of ginger bread... or maybe just wood I suppose, being that we get a lot of snow up here.

Ten Odd Things:

1) This blog is named after our kitties "Indian" name.
2) Our kitty is named after a land turtle (Terrapin).
3) Our back yard is a mountain and our front yard is a river.
4) It's 8-8-08. (and it's also my Grandpa's 75th birthday)
5) Jake is playing a round ukulele.
6) I love fresh basil to unreasonable amounts. (Jake too)
7) We've been having torrential down pours and flooding all week.
8) We have a three pound block of cheese in the fridge. (thank you visitors!)
9) Our porch is bright green. (very bright green)
10) I wish it was Christmas so we can have rice pudding.


Anonymous said…
Oh, wow, this is great! Now I can keep tabs on your work upstairs while I work in the shop downstairs. And I can post comments, such as, "Can we please watch Dr. Watson & the daring Sherlock Holmes provide justice to wrongdoers?"

The answer is undeniably, "Yes, but of course, my dear Jake."
mary said…
ok you 2...knock it off! ;)

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