Handkerchief and Old Box

These last few days thoughts of the holidays seem to be popping in my head. I don't know why at the end summer I always jump so far ahead to winter festivities. These are some little things found and gathered... a rock from our river, a wildflower from my sweetheart, and a handkerchief from my grandma sitting on an old chest I just painted green. I keep thinking of lining the inside with pretty paper and hiding handmade presents in it. I'd really love to make all of my Christmas gifts this year, and that takes a bit of forethought. I'm also thinking about maybe painting some animals or a fun folksy design on the box. Right now we use it as a coffee table, but it could have oh so many wonderful purposes.

We're off to our weekly trip to the grocery store... we have to take the long way because one of the major roads is out from the flooding last week. But that's ok... we'll poke around in town and go to the bookstores. Working from home, it's definitely our bit of sanity for the week to go out to Middlebury and enjoy the little shops. Off I go!


Anonymous said…
It's true! I think going to Middlebury... the drive rather than any other part of it... is the zen part of our week. It lets us enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, after we've been stuck in our castle walls for so long. True, true!

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