Autumn Birds

Hello! The weekends creeping up on us and so is Autumn! We've already got the wonderful Fall breeze here and even a few trees have begun to change color. I've been making sets of these Autumn birds for custom orders with some vintage fabric I've collected. Maybe I'll find some time to make some seasonal potholders with these patterns.

This coming month promises to be very busy with Mr. Jake's 25th birthday to kick it off and lovely visitors from a far. Tomorrow my parents and Jake's mama will be coming down and we have a day trip planned to Montreal. I can't wait as it will be my first trip to Canada and we're hoping to find some crepes and perhaps an art museum. Have a good weekend everyone! I'll check in again soon.


Anonymous said…
Karen said…
have a great time, bonnie!

hm ... if that's a doorway, how ironic .... that's where i have mine!!

still over 90 degrees here ...

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