Gumtree Canoe

Sickness has made us both a little slow and useless these days. There's been a definite lack of crafting and arting and a lot of curling up in sweaters (yes, our house is actually kind of cold!) and reading books and some impromptu snoozing. This afternoon we did something adventurous and escaped outdoors for some fresh air. It's amazing what a little air can do for a foggy head. Unfortunately, after we enjoyed some time laying out on a picnic blanket in the sun, we were reminded of all the outdoor chores that have been waiting for us, like this field of grass you see Jake laying in.

(note our hobo blanket... found at fleamarket... made from old pants!)

With all the rain and a broken lawn mower before that, our lawn quickly grew and grew and grew some more... On top of that we have ten cords of wood that we have slowly but surely been stacking and trying to find a place for. Ten chords is a boat load! But it was good to tackle some of it... especially the lawn which has been gnawing at our conscience. And it also gave me a chance to pick some flowers and tomatoes. Salad tonight!


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