Paint Sample Hearts and Fall Scarves

I hope you all saw the bright big beautiful full moon last night. She was singing a lonesome song but it was altogether inspiring.

Look what came in the mail the other day! New art supplies! Hooo-ray! I got some new sketchbooks just like my old sketchbooks that I filled up but in different colors...lavender, green and blue, pretty as a picture! I originally found them at the RISD art store when we lived in Providence and was so sad to not be able to get them anymore. But I went on a vision quest, and low and behold, I found them online! They are quite lovely... my dream sketchbooks, smooth and versatile and the little ones are great for carrying along in your pocket. I also invested in some casein paints. I'm so excited to try them out. From what I've seen of them they have a similar quality to gouache but with the added bonus of being able to work on surfaces like wood and canvas. I'm just hoping they're not too frustrating, but it'll be good to experiment again .

And here's what I've been up to while watching the shop... crocheting some new fall scarves in some very soft cotton yarn. They're very simple, but I love looking at all the bright colors together.

Before I go, here is another little exercise in color... figuring out what to do with all the extra paint sample cards left over from painting our new place. They make lovely little Swedish heart decorations. Maybe I'll make some more, but I haven't decided yet.


Anonymous said…
I always like getting new paint, or ink, or things like tortoise-colored picks just the right shade. It's true, it helps.
Karen said…
i really wish i could cozy up in one of those scarves!!

great idea for the paint samples.

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