Wiggly Tooth

"Tooth Fairy: Tooth coming out soon. Have fun!"

My big girl has her first wiggly tooth. She has been obsessed with losing teeth ever since her last dental visit and with kids in her class beginning to lose teeth. We decided we better be prepared for the big event, and designed a little tooth envelope for when the time comes. Yesterday, she even threw a wiggly tooth party in her class. I love her enthusiasm about it... it's definitely infectious. She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to let her know that her tooth would be coming out soon. I told her the tooth fairy would probably just read it because the letter was a little big for her to take with her. She took this book out of the library of the school library last week about a sister tooth fairy team. I love that she's doing her research, and I know it will be exciting for the whole family when the first tooth falls. Let's hope she doesn't swallow it! If anyone has any fun tooth fairy traditions they'd like to share, feel free.

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