Beet and Bean Granny Slippers

The mornings and nights are getting a tad chilly so I'm glad I finally finished these slippers for Oona, from the yarn I dyed with beets and black beans.  I made up the pattern, but I think they turned out alright for winging it. To get the sole of the slipper right, I traced one of her shoes on to a piece of cereal box (cereal boxes make great pattern paper!) and used that as a guide for my stitches (making sure to write it down so I could do the same thing for the second foot!).  They turned out cozy and warm and easy to put on. I would make a second pair for little sister, but she wants purple ones. I'm not sure yet if I'll just use something from my stash or make some purple plant dyed yarn.

I have a rare moment to myself... the house is so quiet.  I want to pet our kitty just to hear a meow. I can't believe I have a kindergarten or a pre-schooler now.  Times are changing. I've just taken a quick break from the sewing machine for left over birthday cake and coffee (Jake's b-day cake). I hope to get a fantastic amount of sewing done today. Talk to you soon!

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Oh aren't they cute and cosy - I'm not surprise her sister wants a pair too!

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