In the Garden: Harvest Time

The hillsides have been brushed with oranges, yellows, reds and rust as the Autumn fairy makes her rounds. It's really just a sprinkle right now. There is still plenty of green. But we are already seeing an explosion of color in the garden, which will soon spread up and down the mountain sides. It's hard to keep up with the harvesting. I'm always a little worried too much is being left behind or won't ripen in time, and any day now a frost could come and take what is left. And as Fall approaches and we turn a little more towards the inside realm, I am thinking about all the canning that needs to get done. It's not as much as last year because I scaled back on a few things, but it will still take a bit of time. But I guess I should savor these days out in the garden while they're still here.


Anonymous said…
Your garden looks so lovely!


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