Baby Dolls

Elsa, looking a little nervous, but still, excited, for her first day of preschool.
Oona, over the moon with joy, to be starting kindergarten.

So, as mentioned my babies (big girls, really) have both started school. You can see them in their cute Mama-made fox dresses above. Things have mostly gone smoothly... more smoothly than I imagined considering Elsa was not really on board with the whole preschool thing (mostly a bit of butterflies, I think). I was terrified the first day would end with me either having to take her home screaming or getting a call from the school to come pick her up, neither of which happened... not even one tear on her part. I know things haven't gone perfectly... there was a little playground scuffle at school today over who should play on the see-saw and slide together, and I think she might have gotten a time out. Elsa's words" I was nicer after I sat in the chair." Hmm, I'll have to inquire about that one. Anyways, for the most part, they are both loving school and making new friends and enjoying their time away. 

For me, this means two and a half hours of time each week day to once again focus on my business. And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure which direction my business might take in the next couple years, but I am enjoying making dolls at the moment. Right now, I'm getting ready for our local Harvest Fair this Saturday. I definitely have set the bar high for how much I want to get done for this fair, and while I know I'll fall short, it's good to have so many projects lined up that I'll have to go back to after the fair is over. It's really only a small amount of time each day when my preschooler is not with me, but it does help me get organized so that I can get a bit done while she's home and playing happily. I'm also thinking about some overdue blog updates in the next month or so. There's a lot to think about, but I'm glad for this small bit of space in my day to regroup and create.


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