Pink Unicorn Back to School Dress

Preschool starts up again tomorrow and I wanted to be voted the coolest mom in the universe, so I made Oona (my unicorn loving girl) a pink unicorn dress. I'm so glad I got it done in time. There's ribbon ties in the back to give it a more fitted look. She tried it on when I finished, but was very good and took it off right away so she wouldn't get dirty and then hung it on a coat hanger in her room so she could stare at it. I'm glad we'll have no problem getting her dressed on the first day. Of course, Elsa wants one too, and wants one this second. "Where's my unicorn dress?" she asked right as I turned off the sewing machine. I don't have enough fabric to make her the same type of dress, but I'll figure something out. So you see, it's not me that hell bent on making my girl's wear matching dresses...

P.S. The pattern is Simplicity 2019-Child and the fabric is "Far Far Away Purple Unicorns" by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


Anonymous said…
uh oh, I hope you have 1 unicorn left for the front of her dress. It can run in wildflowers. Coolest mom in universe to 1 child..and the other,well, she also knows how to ask for what she wants. She's so articulate she's funny. This dress is going to be fun and even though the little one doesn't know it she'll get to wear this one, too! You may need to make a line of Unicorn dresses.
Unknown said…
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