Ukulele Lady


Reading: "American Favorite Ballads: Tunes and Songs as Sung by Pete Seeger
Crocheting: "Briar Rose" Granny squares from "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jane Eaton

I think I really must be a North land girl to still be working on wool projects in this humidity! Jake, my darlin' companion, was making dinner tonight so I brought my crochet hook, book and yarn to the table, so I could talk to him and crochet while he cooked. But, alas, sitting on the table was his latest repair job, a warm little pineapple uke just waiting for someone to play it. I had been learning to play uke before having kids, but have found it increasingly hard to find time to practice now that I'm out numbered. But, as everyone was happily engaged for a moment, and Jake invited me to try it out (his sneaky plan for me to say he could keep it! ), I picked it up. This uke is indeed a keeper and I am definitely going to give my fingers yet another occupation... strumming on my sweet little uke.

The squares, by the way, are for a little blanket for a little lady (my very first niece!) who has not yet made her way into the world yet. She won't be able to appreciate it until the colder months, but they might well be here before it's finished anyways.


NinnyNoodleNoo said…
It can be very hard to find time to practise an instrument when you have small children!
Christie said…
What sweet granny squares! I've never crocheted a blanket using them, which is crazy, because it would be much faster, wouldn't it?
Bonnie Wildwood said…
I have no idea if it's actually faster, Christie, but it makes it a little more interesting for me, and you feel like your accomplishing something each time a square is finished.

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