Golden Pumpkin

It seems insane to be working with wool yarn in the cruel heat of August, but that's what happens with projects born in the long months of winter when you're not sure you'll ever see the sun again, let alone days so hot you'd like to just jump out of your skin! I use to have a rule to only crochet with cotton in the summer, but that was before I had goals and plans to keep on top of... I'll be honest and tell you that today was particularly brutal, so the amount of doing anything was kept to a  minimum. The only reason I'm able to write this is because there is a fan blowing directly in my face. I still have that hazy feeling and lack of caring that comes when all your physical energy is being depleted by the ripples of heat dancing around your body. I think if I do anything tomorrow of grand importance, it will have to be with a sewing machine or the ice cream maker or dunking my head in a lake. I hope things are feeling a little more comfortable where you are. Autumn, I am ready for you clear-headedness and brisk winds.

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams .


Suzy Mae said…
The yarn looks beautiful, although I'm sure it doesn't feel so much in the heat! We have been having grey skies and storms here in merry England. Why can't it be just sunny enough? a slight breeze perhaps, not too hot, not too cold...:)
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Yes, sigh, perfect weather everyday would be nice. We get a good amount of rain here, but the last week has just been hot with no relief... I guess I should just be happy we haven't had terrible drought that some places must suffer.

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