Jamming Days: Blackberry Blues

We went to our favorite spot to pick wild blueberries and what did we find?... Blackberries, of course! It was a good surprise because blackberries are much easier to gather than tiny wild blueberries. We did manage to find a bit of delicious blueberries here and there, but blackberries were our main treasure. For years I've wanted to make jam... every summer I talk about it, but never make it to the berry patches in time to get enough for preserving. Our homegrown berries are promptly eaten by my two little birds with an occasional berry thrown my way.  But these lovely blackberries were free with a bit of hard work and scrapped legs (remember to wear long pants when in the blackberry brambles!). We went back to our spot two or three times until we had enough for the kids to devour as well as make eighteen jars of jam! The girls helped with every part of the process which made it extra fun... especially the sampling. I don't think we're quite done with our blackberry harvesting. It would be nice to have some for freezing for pies and muffins and warm oatmeal on Fall mornings. So hopefully we'll spend at least a few more days out on the hill side gathering. 

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Anonymous said…
wow! that's a lot of jam! Elsa seems drunk with berries as she passed out in the patch.It looks like an award winning batch so we'll have to sample some. ~ mom
looks so yummy! that's my goal for next year... to make jam. i have 2 little birds that eat them up pretty quickly too. :)
Lucy Bowen said…
Oh yummy, we have loads of blackberries in our garden this year, far too many for my boys to eat - yay!
Suzy Mae said…
What beautiful pictures! Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Blackberry jam is my favourite.
NinnyNoodleNoo said…
How wonderful! Blackberries are just coming ripe here and we don't have many that I've found within walking distance. I've been making rose hip syrup today and am waiting in the elderberries ripening (not long now).

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