In the Garden: Swings and Things

 We finally got a day of sunshine on our off days, and my wonderful, amazing husband started building. He built this awesome rustic swing set for the girls which will grow grape fines and maybe something else if I can think just what. He also built these pumpkin "tents"... I have no idea what to call them. I will add more branches and twine to help them climb. We always get the powdery mildew and hopefully this will help.

 I've started sneaking in some Fall crops in the in between rows of carrots, spinach, parsnips, and lettuce.

Sometimes Jake serenades me in the evenings when I work on the garden. I know, I am lucky indeed.

I've started drying mint and herbs. 

 And more garlic scape pesto has been made and frozen.

 Our first plum on our young plum tree looks so perfect and adorable. I just hope Elsa or the bugs don't destroy it before it ripens.

Thimble berries, red currants, raspberries and a small amount of cherries are also growing.

While Jake was building, he also cleared away some weeds and made some cozy spots under our apple trees for the kids to play. I day dream about sitting under there one day and reading. We have already had an ice cream and blueberry muffin picnic under there with friends. Shade is an amazing thing when your short on it.

 My little garden fairy has been helping the wild  roses to open and the snap peas to grow.

My other garden fairy has been helping to make me pay attention a little better. I hope she never finds out about the flying trapeze.


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