In the Garden: All those Ripe Berries

This July garden is green and full and keeping the kitchen happy. We are enjoying snow peas, lettuce, kale, spinach, watermelon radishes, sun gold tomatoes, cilantro and other herbs as well as blueberries (thanks for the new bush Baba and Papa!), raspberries and red currants. We also discovered that the vine that had vigorously grown up our apple tree is a grape vine and loaded with wild grapes. Hurray for surprises! Day lilies are bringing that rich summer color to our bouquets as well as all the beautiful wild flowers free for the picking. Our one and only sour cherry, perfectly red and round, was picked and shared by Mama and Daddy. The kids preferred to stick with the raspberries. I do love the taste of summer. 

Please feel free to link to your garden rambles in the comments!


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