In the Garden: Summer Blooms and Green Lanterns

Girls in the raspberry bushes.

Raspberry Girl

First Morning Glory

Bee Balm

Morning glories on our metal gazebo
Garden music
Our Dutchman's Pipe that I had taken for dead is climbing up the sandbox cover.

New bug stones painted by Mama and new fairy bird bath from Baba


Watermelon Radishes

Rose of Sharon

first tomatillo

Oona moved the "baby" Buddha under the cherry tree to be with the "mama" Buddha

This last week in the garden we've seen morning glories, holly hocks, tansy, Rose of Sharon, and bee balm open up. The girls are in the raspberry patch everyday, and we even made a small batch of raspberry jam that will be gone in two licks. We have little lanterns forming on our tomatillos. It's my first year growing them so it's a pleasure to watch. There's been a fair bit of rain this summer (which can be both a gift and a curse), and after each good down pour, I feel like things have doubled in size. One of our vines that appeared to have gotten damaged in a late Spring frost miraculously started to grow after some brutal pruning. It's hot and humid and the mosquitoes are ferocious, but I'm still getting out there when I can... not as often as I should, but things are still managing to keep growing, so something is going right, I guess.

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