In the Garden: Garlic Harvest

We have a crowded spider colony in our dilapidated shed, as well as an abundance of garter snakes living under the porch... they are good neighbors and keep mostly to themselves and take care of some of the garden pests for us.

I'm so excited for our first apple harvest this year... I hope they taste good... I have no idea what variety this tree is, as it was here when we moved in.

First of the pink hollyhocks

One girl in the raspberry patch, one hunting for green tomatoes...

Maybe we'll actually have a sweet pepper harvest this year... keeping them in pots on the porch seems to be helping.

A hefty load of garlic to move to the porch...

Garlic braided and ready to hang

The kitties were quite enamored with the garlic leaves.

 A wild thunderstorm last night meant I had a rest from watering our little jungle this morning. I pulled the garlic on Saturday afternoon, just before a bit more rain, with some help from the girls. It's been a wet year here. I'm not getting in the garden as much as I'd like but that is partially due to the little people in my life, who'd rather a push on the swing or some help in the berry brambles then for me to pull weeds or plant Fall crops. I pulled the rest of our spinach this week and made some spinach pesto, as well as some basil pesto to freeze. I have to cut a bunch of herbs soon for drying, and plant some more spinach (which hopefully will grow in time!). It is satisfying to see the garlic braided and hanging in our kitchen... not as much as I thought I'd planted, but still, a good amount... I feel like garlic is one of those things where it will never feel like quite enough... I'll always have to plant a little extra each year. Kale, on the other hand, is always bountiful.  I'm going to make some kale pesto this week... there's so much kale, and I never know quite what to do with it all. I have a wonderful "saag" recipe that uses lots of greens. I'll have to make some soon and share the recipe. Anyone have any great recipes for using up kale or lettuce. The Spring lettuce is on it's way out soon. Also in the kitchen, I need to make some pickled radishes and spring rolls using up some of our cabbage. I think a day in the kitchen is in order soon. I'll have to look at  "Dishing up the Dirt"... it's a fun blog for finding garden inspired recipes.

Are you eating any homegrown goodness these days?

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