Snow Fairies and Granny Hat

 The tiny white fairies are dancing in the sky again. We're in for a good three or four days of this merriment, but luckily there is lots of hot tea, balls of yarn and good food to keep us busy.

The little hat you see below is not quite finished. There are a few necessary adornments that must be added before it will be deemed wearable (I hope) by the youngest little Miss in the house. I'm speaking of kitty ears, of course. She gets very irritable about wearing hats, but she adores kitties, and sometimes, I do believe from all the meowing, believes she is a kitty. I do hope that having ears will make this hat more appealing, but there's a good chance it will still be torn from her head in a fit of indignation... never mind, it will fit big sister if she doesn't wear it. I have plans for a deer hat for big sister, as that is what she fancies herself now and again. This is all a bit of a side track from my mile long holiday list. I wish I was able to keep these special hats a secret, but Elsa really does need a her kitty ears asap as we've seen quite a bit of frosty weather of late. So I've been working on them by the light of day, and I haven't been able to conceal my work as these little people do ask questions. It's hard to put down the crochet hook this time of year. It's very addictive, but I love that I can do it while watching a documentary or whatnot. I will post picture of the finished hat, and with any luck, a little girl happily wearing it. 

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams.


Cool hat - I love it! Very jealous of your snow - I would love to have a white Christmas one year.
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thanks! The snow is beautiful here. I'm just glad I wasn't the one who had to shovel this time around.

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