Deer and Kitten

The day started with apple pear muffins and a mad dash to finish the second of two granny animal hats for the girls. I had added the cat ears to Elsa's hat the night before, and promptly started on hat number two. The second one, of course, came together all the quicker. I used this granny crochet ear flap hat pattern, but as both of my girls can't appreciate the beauty of ear flaps, I discarded them for actual ears... animal ears, of course. Kitty ears for little "meow, meow" as that's mostly what she says these days, and deer ears for my little dear. The hats are a little big on both of them, and I might make them a little shorter so they're not quite so flopsy, though they'll eventually grow into them. This hat pattern, by the way, can easily be adapted to make a grown up hat, as it has a lot of stretch. I put on Oona's hat, and it actually fit me too.

I was racing to finish Oona's so we could go play in the snow with Daddy before he had to start work. Luckily, it finished up quickly, and we ventured out into the snowy deep to shovel and prance and make angels and piles and a snow castle.

Oona did a lot of shoveling, too bad it wasn't in the drive way. There are two ears on each hat, they just tend to flop backwards. If you think Oona's snow pants look a bit short, you are very right... we have to get her another pair right away, as she grew quite a bit in this last year!

It was so satisfying to see them drying on the line. We came in and had hot chocolate and hot coffee and I set to work on my next crochet project.


Anonymous said…
happy little shovelers! Best kind.The hats are wonderful. I think you've found the magic that will keep a hat on Ms. Elsa. Ears!

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