Lucia Day


This year we started a new tradition in our family. We celebrated St Lucia Day on December 13th. We are not religious, but the patron saint of light certainly seemed worth our admiration. Oona got this book for her birthday, and had practically memorized it, and wanted to act out all the parts. The night before we made gingersnaps and "saffron" buns (we substituted cardamon, as saffron was out of our budget!), traditional foods brought by "Lucia". 



I stayed up late finishing a Lucia gown and felt lingonberry and candle crown. In Sweden, where this day is typically celebrated, the older girls wear real crown of lingonberry with real lighted candles. 

There's a traditional gown pattern, but I took some liberties with this, and made a soft cotton bamboo knit night gown. I try to never make any costume or clothing that only has one purpose. So Oona will be able to wear this to bed, and if it survives and Elsa grows enough, she will have a turn being Lucia next year. Traditionally, Lucia is always played by the oldest daughter, but I think alternating, as suggested in the story, is a more harmonious approach. I wonder if they'll ever let me have a turn.

 On Lucia Day, it is important to share food, as she is famous for bring food and light to the hungry in the dark of winter.

The gingersnaps and "Lucia" buns are brought to the parents in bed in the morning. We did have coffee too, but Oona didn't carry it, as it seemed a bit much for a four year old to carry. She was so excited to get to act out this story, it made all the extra work worth it!

 Is a unicorn a traditional Swedish gingersnap shape? Probably not...

We've had this St Lucia candle holder (which has changeable ornaments) for years, but never thought of actually celebrating.

Every Saturday morning we have a music jam at our store, and shared some of the buns presented by "St. Lucia". And later we brought our gingersnaps to a Christmas party in the evening.

Typically the younger girls are attendants to Lucia with white gowns and silver tinsel crowns and belts, but I ran out of time  and fabric so went to the costume box. A fairy costume and star wreath is legit, right? Oona actually picked out the Tinkerbell costume... I was going to have her wear her Halloween costume, but this kept her happy.

 Oona is already talking about next year and how she will where a "star boy hat", the traditional boy costume, but be "star girl", of course. And she is actually excited to let her little sister have a turn being Lucia. Anyone else start any new holiday traditions this year?

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Heather said…
What a wonderful tradition! How adorable! These are the things children will remember about the season!
sustainablemum said…
A lovely way to celebrate. I hope it becomes a tradition in your family.

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