Finding a New Rhytmn

A baby skirt with pockets for the upcoming Harvest Fair

Our whole family has had a shift in rhythm with the start of preschool for Miss Oona. I thought the biggest challenge would be getting everyone to wake up earlier, but when you have to, you just get on with it. This is not to say there's not a bit of crankiness from the change in sleep schedule, but it's not as bad as I would have predicted, and we are trying to make sure there is more down time to compensate. The bumps in the road have more to do with adjusting to the new circumstances. This is the first time Oona has really had to follow orders from anyone other than parents or grandparents (as if she follows orders from anyone!), and she is rebelling a little. I walked in on quite the tantrum the other day, and started to question whether or not this was really a good situation for her to be in at her age. Sometimes I feel like we are pushing our children out the door too soon these days, but honestly, it's such a short class each day, and overall I hope the time with kids will be good for her. Anywho, after lots of talk at home about what happened in class, she was the model student today, and I think both Oona and her teacher learned a little something from one another, and Mama learned a little something too... give it time. This is a new rhythm... a new system to adapt to and she has only just started!

I feel a little guilty, seeing that Oona has struggled a bit, but for me, it has meant some much needed time for my craft work. Jake takes Elsa everyday after I drop Oona off, and I have about an hour and a half to two hours of solid work time to get things done before it's time for Jake to open the store and me to go get Oona. And he brings me a lovely espresso with foamed milk when I'm done... such a nice reward for getting a little work done. The one in the photo above had chocolate shavings and a hint of orange extract... so perfect! I'm really liking the earlier schedule because I have more time to manage everything, but I'm ready to fall asleep at eight o'clock, which feels a bit odd.

I know there will likely be more growing pains, for all of us, but I think this new rhythm will be a positive change for the family. Summer days are floaty and fun, but often sporadic. It helps to have something that focuses your energy and time, even if it's really just a very small part of the day.

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Anonymous said…
she sure wanted that apple! It seems like a fun class for her to begin in but do remember that the number of days are still a choice. 3 may be better, especially when you have winter ahead and you are the driver. I am liking the daddy and Elsa time. When there's always work it's important to make time for things like this.

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