Star Babies

Sleepy Time Spearmint and Flax Seed Stars

Baby stars are slow to birth. I made six new little stars... two still to be stuffed (I ran out of flax seed) and one that was given as a birthday gift for a beautiful star girl. My big girl just "burrowed" the red one to take to bed... never mind that she already has a blue one. When you're child says they really want to snuggle something, it's hard not to oblige. The little hands in the photo above are my littlest one... perhaps another star will have to disappear for her.

I'm keeping busy with simple crafts these days, using my preschool time as wisely as I can... though some days that time is shorter than others. Despite the silly things in the craft room, I feel quite wary lately, with sad news in the family, and just the day to day stresses that burden most of us. Not enough hours in the day, not enough hours in this life... but indeed, you must pull weeds while the grass is wet or you'll never get through it all.

Time for sleep... I will comfort myself with this thought... we are all made of bits of broken stars.

Joining in again with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams. Have a project? You can too!


momto5 said…
love your wee stars. and i can so relate about life. ((hug))
Love your sweet stars. Best wishes to you...Aloha, Lori
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thank you both for stopping by and your kind comments!

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