Smashing Flowers

 I've been wanting to try this hammered flower technique since I saw it on the Edible Garden back in the Spring. You place the flowers under paper or cloth (white is ideal)... I used a natural colored muslin so we could use it to make something. It's probably better if you tape them in place. We did NOT, and there's definitely an abstract vibe. I put a laminate place mat face down underneath to protect the table (the back of mat might have got a little stained), but you can also use newspaper. Position the flower underneath and hammer away! I think I need to experiment a little more with which flowers work best. Our flowers were also wet from the rain so that might have caused them to smudge a bit more.

Here's a link for more detailed instructions about hammering flowers.

 While I wasn't quite ready to hand Elsa the hammer, she loved playing with the debris... it would make a lovely fairy potion, no?

While we collected flowers for our experiment, we also gathered a new bouquet for the table and a tiny one for the hall. It will be sad when there's no more fresh flowers just waiting out the door for us.


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