On the Cutting Block

Suddenly it is so cold I find myself digging for mittens, knitted blankets, bulky sweaters, and for the first time, a bit too early to be sure, we light a fire in our little house by the roadside. Wasn't it summer just yesterday? Isn't it still, technically, summer? Hohum. But secretly, I love it... an excuse to bundle up tight and cook some hot cocoa with cinnamon and chili pepper on the stove, yes please! And while I am enjoying the sun in the day, I am also starting to draw inward a bit... cutting fabric, sitting at the sewing machine, even picking up pencil and paper again. With the cold winds blowing, I know there will be far too many things I want to do, and far too little daylight, but I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself. One stitch, one line, one more cup of cocoa at a time!

And already, thoughts creep in of the holiday season. It's a vicious cycle... this desire to make everything. Handmade gifts do indeed require a bit of forethought. And I'm also working on a few things for an Etsy shop update... very soon, with any luck. 



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