Sunny Weather List

Oona drawing in her "pretty girl" hat as she calls it.

Elsa looking around in her Baba made mint jade twenties style hat.
A sweet package from my friend Karen that arrived today wrapped in vintage baby paper and containing the lovely handmade sweater dress and vintage summer outfit you see below!
Karen knit the sweater dress and it's her first handmade baby sweater. Isn't it beautiful?!
Love the paper too!

Sunny Weather List ( things that made this week beautiful despite the rain)
  • peanut brittle ice cream
  • picking wild flowers on an afternoon walk with the family on the one sunny day this week
  • beautiful packages in the mail
  • family art night
  • Oona calling herself "Oona Wildwood Flower"
  • good news from afar (more on that soon)
  • night rides that are finally getting our night owl to sleep at a reasonable time
  • finishing the "Battlestar Galactica" series with Jake (thank you, night rides)
  • finding some fun toys for upcoming birthday parties
  • strawberry season
  • ceylon tea


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