Happy summer!

 Happy summer! My how the summer days just fly away! We've had lots of birthday parties, a solstice celebration, walks and sandbox time, a sad little garden to tend, lots of tourists visiting the store, laundry to hang on the line, and the regular hustle bustle of life with an infant and a toddler.

Oh, and my little sister gave birth last weekend to a sweet baby boy named Finnian! We're going to meet him soon... can't wait! He's Oona and Elsa's first cousin and mine and Jake's first nephew. I wanted to post a picture of him here too, but for some reason the ones I tried to save from facebook wouldn't save right. Ah well, I will take lots of pictures when I go to meet him. And definitely some group cousin pictures are in order!

There's lots more parties, birthdays, outdoor time, and summer fun on the horizon.  Can't wait for the day lilies to bloom. Maybe somewhere in all of this I'll find time for a craft or two.


Jenna said…
The girls look beautiful!

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