Family Art Night

It feels like we've had an endless amount of rain these last few weeks here in Vermont. We've been overdosing on documentaries in the evening, and we finally had enough of being plugged in to a screen. Tonight we did something we've been talking about for ages, but have been too lazy to start... family art night. Jake and I tried to just relax and have fun, not putting too much stock in what we were creating. Oona always just has fun and experiments so she doesn't need to be told to do this! I had to balance a nursing baby while doing this, but without any expectations, it went okay.

Honestly, I haven't created anything but dinner since the baby was born, and it's been far longer since I worked on a painting, so this was a nice kick starter. I hope we do this again soon (especially since I got cut short of finishing by a crying baby).

I'd also love to find some board games to play with a toddler. Anyone have any recommendations? It would be nice to do less screen watching at night and spend more time interacting.


Jenna said…
What a great idea- the family art night. I'll ask Rachel if she has any suggestions for board games.

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