One Month

Miss Elsa Bernadette turned one month old yesterday! My, my, she's growing so fast! I love how her little eyes become more alert everyday. She has the cutest little elf ears and the faintest little dimples. And she's so strong... she was starting to pull her head up while lying on her belly at two and a half weeks! I forgot the quiet sleepiness of little babes... no words or kisses yet. We get little glimpses of her personality in between naps and wonder... will she be like her sister, her mother, her father, this grandparent or that.. maybe a little from each.. maybe completely different... who can say as she snores away? We do know that she's captured our hearts, just as her big sister did! We also know that it's a whole new world with two Wildwood girls. I look forward to getting to know my littlest one.


mary said…
She's got a wonderful little teacher..... Oona!

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