Getting back to health

Despite the sweet faces you see in these two pictures, I have to say, my little girls have been driving me INSANE this past week. Elsa goes into fussy mode after 5pm which requires lots of walking, lots of rocking and in the end nothing really working. Oona can also shriek like a banshee and this happens at any given moment twenty four hours a day! In their sweet little defense, they have both had bad colds. But mommy and daddy have also had bad colds and it's no fun having two screaming, snotty (literally) kids when all you want to is sleep. So, this has probably been not such a fine week for me in terms of my mothering. By Friday I wanted to dissolve into the mist of nothingness.

I've also just been down in the dumps about other things... messy house, finances, body image, too much rain, lack of time to do even the simplest things... ya, ya, ya! You can see why I haven't been posting much. So, I've decided this next week coming up I want to focus on getting healthy... in all respects. I'm going to try to post frequently about "healthy" things I want to incorporate more into my life to hopefully feel better about things in general.

Anyways, one of thing I've been trying to do everyday of late is take a walk... if there's time, I take two. Sometimes it's just me and Elsa and sometimes it's with the the entire family. Here are a few photos from a walk I took last week... starting on our porch.

I always feel like my head is clearer after a good walk. I also feel like I'm taking more control over my body. My postpartum body is strange to me. I want to accept it because it grew a beautiful baby, but it's hard. Walking... moving... staying active... makes me feel like I'll get back to a "me" that feels more comfortable.

I usually try to do a walk first thing in the morning if the babe cooperates because it's cooler out and it guarantees I at least get a little exercise that day. I hope I can keep up the momentum this week. 


Anonymous said…
enough with sickness! Poor tired mom and dad and girls, I hope to come help soon but will boost my immunities so I don't get sick too. That would not be good as me and sickness do not agree. You ALL need naps! I know you don't want to fall behind on housework but for now just worry about clean diapers and eating well. That's plenty to do.~ mom
Bonnie Wildwood said…
I would happily take a nap if my babe would ever let me put her down!
Karen said…
dear bonnie,
sorry you've been feeling icky. the walk is a good thing, i've been walking five miles daily and i've lost a few pounds and it feels great. have you tried maca powder? i've just been using that and it's really helped although i'm not sure how that works if you are nursing but you could use it in future for energy and stamina. i'll keep you in my thoughts as you gently mend. be good to yourself and remember that sometimes just asking yourself, "is everything okay right now? in this moment?" and breathing is a good start. xoxo

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