Some Christmas Handmade

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas! We just got back from CT from a trip to visit our families. Unfortunately it was cut a little short by the storm that's on it's way tonight. It was a wonderful time and I'll be sure to post pictures soon, but for now, here's one of my Christmas craft projects to entertain.

I made both our Mama's felt crochet hook holders, as they both crochet. I embellished them with a little floral design.

I really need to make myself one of these now that my Christmas making is done as I'm always losing my hooks.

Each one had pockets for the hooks, a wider pocket for instructions, and a small pocket for a needle for weaving in the ends and perhaps a small pair of scissors. Plus there's a handy flap to keep the hooks from falling out.

I'm hoping the design proves to be very functional. More soon of our celebrations and handmade gifts. P.S. The paper is Oona's drawing that we cut into little gingerbread people ornaments. She was very good to let me make her artwork into paper cookies.


mary said…
found my hooks and filled it up! I love that it has the little flap to hold them in. Thank you, Bonnie!
Jenna said…
What beautiful gifts!

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