Santa Claus is Coming to Town

A curious gnome by the name of Santa Claus visited our little village this weekend. Oona has been very excited about Old St. Nick this year ever since she started opening her first advent calendar. However, when it came time to actually meet him, she seemed to find all the children, Christmas carols and giant Christmas tree slightly more entertaining than the guy in the red suit. She certainly wasn't about to stand around in line just to see him. This girl is far too busy and important.

We never did get the shot of child screaming in Santa's lap. Oona was very last in line as she refused to stand around when she could be running around. And as it was finally her turn to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus, she decided perhaps she would prefer not to and burst into tears. 

 But she did have a grand time coloring with the new kitty coloring book and crayons Santa gave her! How did that jolly old elf know coloring is one of her favorite things?!


Jenna said…
That is so sweet! She was too busy and important- love it!

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