Hello! Hello! It's been a long time since I shared much in the way of crafting, but that doesn't mean this busy elf hasn't been working hard! This time of year is always so hectic with getting ready for the holidays and lots of social events too, that it's hard to have time to document it all. I do want to go back to my promise of trying to blog everyday after the new year and all the holiday wackiness is out of the way. Besides Thanksgiving and Christmas, there's been lots of birthdays and babies to think about. This past weekend I threw a surprise party for a good friend whose expecting in the beginning of January. Instead of a typical shower, it was more like a "blessingway", which is a Native American way of celebrating the new baby and mother. It's less focused on gifts and more on supporting the mama and showering her with love and blessings. We made a prayer flag for the babies room, ate good food, painted the mama with henna, and shared stories. Each lady also took home a candle to light when mama goes into labor.

I couldn't resist making a few handmade goodies for baby. I made baby a little peasant dress with this fabric that I adore, a pair of felt booties, and a crochet dream catcher.

I will definitely be making some little booties for our baby. I used this Bitty Booty Pattern by Heather Bailey It's a great simple pattern to customize with your own embellishments.

What baby doesn't need a dream catcher for sweet dreams?

I think everyone who made it had a pretty good time, and I was pleased I was able to pull off the surprise with the help of a few friends and her husband.

Here's the belly art. It was my first time using henna. I was a bit worried the kit I ordered wouldn't come on time, but it arrived the day before. It didn't give me any time to practice, but I think it worked out okay anyway.

I made my mama friend a felt flower wreath for her hair. This last photo of her was with her sister, who I was so pleased was able to make it because that was a nice surprise in itself. Now it's time for me to start elf-ing for Christmas. Anyone making any handmade gifts this year?


Anonymous said…
wow...great booties!

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