Salad Anniversary

It's a quiet afternoon at home. My big girl is at preschool, and my little one is off on adventures with Daddy on his day off. I hate to be a stereotypical "Mom", but as soon as they were all shuffled out the door (easier said than done), I went straight for the coffee and chocolate. The cute owl cup filled with healthy green tea came later. I can't seem to keep myself from multi-tasking... vacuum living room/ cut out pattern/ write a blog post/ make tea/ back to pattern/ pick up crochet/ read a poem/ arrange flower's on table/ back to cutting/ write another blog post. "Focus!" I shout to myself. Oh well... "momming" makes the multi-tasking world a bad habit that's hard to break. If I was smart, I wouldn't have done any of these things... just turned on the yoga DVD and found inner peace, haha. But, it does feel good to do a bit of this and a bit of that, even if it's not entirely relaxing.

The book above, "Salad Anniversary" was given to me by Jake for our six year anniversary. Actually, he gave it to me this morning (our anniversary was nine days ago!) because he forgot he bought it. Not a big deal because we agreed early on not to do anniversary gifts, and I didn't get him anything anyways. We know that the best gift we can give each is time, and this year we made it real simple and took a nice family walk near the farm house we got married (which happens to be in the same town we live.) It's nice to be able to walk by and show our daughter's where we celebrated this special day and share stories with them. Whenever my daughter see's the photo of our wedding day that sits in our hallway she asks, "Is that when you were a princess, Mommy?" The truth is, I am still a princess to have such a lovely family to spend all my time with. I haven't read much of the book yet... "Salad Anniversary?" I said, "Is that good or bad?" "Not sure, yet" he replied. Hmm.

Oh... onto the crochet hook... not a bowl... a hat... part of a Halloween costume... one of two hats I need to make. Yes, they are going as the same thing... and it will be darn cute. October is coming

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A pottering sort of a morning sounds perfect - I think it's a way of settling ourselves and it sounds like you've been fairly productive in stages :)
Lucy Bowen said…
A. lovely morning, great projects
Anonymous said…
1 child...2 children...3 or 4 or more. I guess what I meant is when you dip your toes in the water it's still going to be a life change and there is still a responsibility to keep that/them person(s) safe. The life of a full time mom has been way under valued.It's the best yet hardest work ever if you are to do it as well as you can. I am glad you have a circle of friends to support each other as well as a daddy who helps out as much as he does. You've got 2 lucky girls! Love you, mom
Zena said…
Happy Anniversary! I thought it was a crochet bowl that's why I came and took and a look. I'm intrigued to see the crochet costume. Oh I multi-task all day long. I think it's a curse for women but that's how we get lots of things done.

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