In the Garden: Oranges and Yellows and Reds

My rambling mess of a garden is still bringing me great joy. I haven't weeded in ages... just watering, harvesting and eating these days, but I am happy with how most things are doing. I wish I had more time to get it all picked and preserved, as Jack Frost will surely show up one of these days.  Our biggest sunflower bent all the way to the ground recently, and I felt so apologetic beheading the poor thing, but I didn't want it to just rot against the dewy grass. I promised it that we would bring it back to life next year by planting it's beautiful seeds. I left the stalk in the ground in case it had one more tiny sunflower to bloom. I am a very emotional gardener. I feel both the joy and loss out of harvesting. I remind myself that most of these plants are only here for a season, but it is still hard to watch something grow, and then pluck it mercilessly from the Earth. But I try to remember that much of it will go into our bellies to help us grow, so in that way we are allowing it to continue. I am also trying to save more seeds this year, both in gratitude, and because it's just plain good economics. I am so happy to see all the beautiful colors the garden is producing in the house and in the yard. Even with my planters guilt, I still can't resist picking flower's and staring at them on the table or in the hallway each day.


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