In the Garden: Sun Blossoms and Cinderella Pumpkins

Hello September! Hello garden! With school starting, a last chance camping trip, Jake's birthday, and his Dad visiting all the way from New Mexico, not to mention harvesting and preserving... there's been little time to pause. I do make sure to give praise to the sunflowers everyday for making the yard so joyful this time of year. I wish pictures could show the true scope of their size. And every time I see them I think, " I must plant even more next year! I must cover the yard in flowers!" Jake's Dad said our garden's remind him of Jack in the beanstalk! I wonder what will happen if I start climbing.... hmm. The pumpkins are also making me brim over with pride. It's not that they're huge like the sunflowers or the perfect shape... I'm just so happy that they're actually growing! And more are on the way! This week I have so much to do in the kitchen: more pickles, tomatillo salsa, apple butter (with apples picked for free from our favorite wild orchard), apple sauce, more pesto, and more blanched kale to freeze. I love you garden! It keeps me so busy, but I am grateful for all it has to give. It's like Christmas everyday.

P.S. My critter deterrents (bells and scarecrow and hula hoops) seem to be helping with the corn! Hurray for small triumphs!

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