Crochet and Mushrooms

I finally got a chance to sit down with the new issue of "Taproots" and a crochet hook.

Summer vacation is officially in full swing for my preschool girl. We have no grand plans except to enjoy every bit of sunlight and water time that we can and certainly do some camping, too. Now that the rain has stopped for the moment, we've been getting outside more and enjoying the wonders of the kiddie pool, sandbox and yard.  I like to have a little craft/ reading basket to bring outside with me and sit on the porch when I'm too tired to garden. Lately I've been making tiny little flowers out of hemp cord and adding beads to them for earrings. I want to make some crochet and bead necklaces too. I've also been working on a few other tiny crochet projects that I'll have to share soon.

 Above is a finished dream catcher, yet another baby gift. I think dream catchers are definitely a favorite baby gift to make these days.

Oh, and that rather large mushroom was merrily sitting in my garden after days of rain. I wish I knew anything about mushrooms. I was going to try to find out if it's edible, but Elsa saw it and gleefully tore it apart while outside with Daddy. Ah well.


Becki said…
You remind me that I love making crocheted flowers. I need to make some more. :^)

Enjoy your summer with your little ones!
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Becki, crochet flowers are addictive! Have fun!

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