Spring Detox/ Renewal/ Reboot

crochet dream catcher

I spent nearly the entire day outside with my girls yesterday. It was so beautiful out and we had our first outdoor picnic of the year on the porch. We dug a wee little key hole garden for the girls decorated with stones. Oona already requested an archway to enter their garden. Of course, it's all rain and flurries today... oh poo! But I do feel recharged to get through this last lingering bit of winter.  Besides crafting my little heart out, here are some my ideas for detoxifying my life right now and taking advantage of the seasonal change. 

Spring Detox 4.0: 

- No facebook or pinterest for one week (I need some brain space!) and reduced use when I return 
- Limit internet blogging/ browsing to 30 minutes each day and not while the kids are awake
-Get outside for at least one hour each day even if the weather is not so great
- Purge toys, clothes, knick knack, general junk  and bring to thrift store
- Start chore schedule (this will help me get into a better rhythm)
-No buying new fabric or yarn until my birthday in November or my when my stash has been significantly depleted (more on that later)
- Create one painting per week
-Meditate each morning
-Work on yelling less
-Cut back on caffeine, dairy, chocolate and sweets (after Easter:)) 
-Drink more water
- Walk every morning
-Get up earlier
-List a few things I'm grateful for each day
- Sketch daily
-Set up nursing area with books, notebooks, sketchbooks, and crochet so I'm not tempted to use the internet while nursing 

So, those are my goals.... lots to work on, but I always feel the need for healthier living this time of year. I guess fresh air just makes my brain function better. 

Gratitude: watching the girls crazy dancing to the music jam in the morning
clean sheets on the bed

Recent makes for a friends new baby.


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