Growing and Making

A little gnome finally given to my nephew for Christmas (at Easter)!
A dream catcher and quilt in progress for a friend's baby... I've finished both, but never got pictures.

I think Spring is definitely the season of "doing" for me. Even with a long cold snap, and heaps of rain, I still feel that busy bee feeling. There's been crafting, but also lots of yard work, and playing in the fresh air. I'm hoping to start doing farmer's market soon, which means trying to find more time for making. But I'm also pulled toward the garden, with thoughts of home grown veggies and fresh herbs and flowers. We're off to the garden center this afternoon to pick out a few berry bushes and maybe a tree or two. It's my goal to add one or two trees to our yard each year... mostly fruit, but it would also be fun to add a living Christmas tree and living May pole (maybe a birch).

In the crafting realm, I'm hoping to do more dollies soon for selling. So far I've made seven, all for gifts. It's been fun, and given me a good opportunity to practice my dolly making skills. I'm also wanting to get back into painting. This has been difficult for me with two little's... both the time and concentration are hard to find. But I think I just need to jump back in, or I might forget how. What are you jumping into lately?

I have more crafts to share soon, and hopefully my first garden post of the season, so check back!

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Zauberflink said…
Oh that little gnome is too cute!
I'm trying to do more yoga and to get back into singing :-)
Lena x
Bonnie Wildwood said…
Thank you! And lovely... I'd like to do more of both of those things myself!

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