Each Step, Each Stitch

I'm working on a mini crochet veggie garden for Miss Elsa's birthday coming up in the beginning of May. Actually, I had started the carrot last year for her birthday (intending to do a full garden then), but got little side tracked and decided it could wait. I seem to do that with crochet projects a lot... throw them in a basket for another day or another year as the case may be. But that's ok. I think we all need to have those things that we can do lazily, when ever the mood strikes (I wish bills were like that). Of course, now that I'm nearly through with three veggies... I think I have the motivation to see it through and not put this off another year.

Speaking of doing things slowly, I've been enjoying reading through Thich Nhat Hanh's "How to Walk" a great book on walking meditation and simply walking mindfully. It's actually a gift for a friend, but I can't help reading it first in stolen mama moments. Truly, though I haven't read every title, all of his books are worth a read. They make you feel centered and appreciative of all of life's gifts.


Unknown said…
Oh my, adorable idea! :-D
Becki said…
I love your crocheted vegetables! What fun.

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