Potato Sack Flapper Dress

It's been a while since I've shared anything crafty around here, and probably even longer since I've shared anything made just for me. I recently made this dress for a very special (but informal) wedding coming up. Jake watched the kids and gave me the afternoon yesterday to finish it up. It's not often I have uninterrupted time with my sewing machine... quite nice! Yes, I admit, it's a bit like a potato sack and has it's imperfections, but it's also super cozy, has hidden pockets ( a mom necessity) and makes me feel like a twenties flapper girl (all those "Miss Fisher" episodes are rubbing off on me!) Anyway, I'm not one hundred percent sure that this is the dress I'm going to wear for the wedding, but it is a nice summer dress, even if people might accuse me of being pregnant. My post-baby-growing body loves the lose and flowy look... I adore those Japanese sewing books with their forgiving patterns, and have plans for more moo-moos.

Jazz hands were needed to show the dresses full potential. And perhaps some dancing!

The fabric below is what I'm probably going to use for matching sundresses for the girls. (I have to stop making them match... it's a bad habit!) It wasn't my initial choice, but with two cooks in the kitchen (Oona and me) this is what we came up with. I better get to work, as the wedding is fast approaching.

Construction notes: 
Pattern: Simplicity Miss 2004
Fabric: cobalt shot cotton (forgot the maker)
I tried to lengthen it five inches, but then realized I didn't like the extra length and probably ended up cutting five inches off at the hem. I also did away with the binding and add a seam allowance for the neck and sleeves so I could fold it in. I hate making binding, but it would probably be nicer with it. I'm not sure if it's just the photos, but it seems the pockets might make the dress hang slightly funny, so if I use this pattern again, I might do away with the pockets. Maybe I should rework it without the pockets, but they are so handy to have!


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