A Bit of Gardening Inspiration

Simple wood arch way looks oh so lovely with fabric scrap garland.

This lovely Beatrick Potter-like garden belongs to my friend Megan. Can't you just see Peter Rabbit dashing off now? They have the most magical mountain view surrounding their property.  We spent the day over at her house yesterday visiting with her sweet girls and another mama friend and her kiddos, and I'm always so enchanted with this spot that they call home.

Megan is my gardening guru around here. I'm not sure if she knows it, but whenever I see her garden, I feel determined to someday have an amazing garden like hers... someday in the way, way future when I'm not so distracted by other things. I love how simple and easy to navigate her garden is. And she always manages to have amazing and plentiful produce for her efforts. She also has numerous fruit trees and bushes and raises chickens... yes, she's a hardworking lady!

I don't think the photos do justice to the size of this thing. It is immense, and I don't know how she keeps up with it as well as she does. I should mention that she also has two kids about the same ages as my own. 

 I think I might have to include her garden in someway in a painting. I love vast country gardens. They're the best addition to any yard!

There's a large strip of raspberries that runs right through the center of the garden. The kids had a ball feasting on berries in the sunshine.

This patch of giant sunflowers and pretty purple flowers greet you at the entry way. This patch is her daughter's special spot. I think she might have her mother's green thumb by the looks of things. But just in case, there's a little Buddha nestled in there to help things along.

And here is one of Megan's many tricks of the trade for occupying her children while working on the garden... a dirt pit nearby. We have a sandbox, but really need a dirt spot too. Oona, who shows no interest at anything garden related at home, was very happy to dig away in this little spot for at least a good half hour.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of a country garden! Now I need to get out there before it rains and do some of my own digging!


Anonymous said…
Bonnie you are too kind! I have a girlfriend who is my inspiration for what a garden can be as well! Every year is another chance....I think that is why I love gardening...it makes you be an optimist! Thanks for the kind words..can't wait to share in our bounties!

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