Garden Journey: Daffy Dill, Spinach and Flowered Books

Ferociously trying to battle weeds... the orange bucket contains comfrey tea fertilizer.
Due to an unexpected net failure for an entire week I've been unable to blog of late. Yes, it is both nice and frustrating to be without net. (It definitely adds distraction to the day, but so do small children!) The garden is entering that satisfying stage where there's lots to eat and enjoy everyday. Jake snuck this photo of me trying to finds the veggies buried in weeds. I'm happy to report after one happy evening spent in the garden I was able to get the weeds back to a more managable level... it's a wonder what you can do with just a little extra time with the Mr. watching the kiddos. I still desperately need more mulch, but I've gotten a lot done in the last few weeks. All the Fall veggies are in (I think) and I've done a bit of thinning (though I always delay and fret over it).

 Parsley, dill, onions and spinach combined to make this delicious and easy Greek rice dish.

My spinach is nearly at it's end, but the Fall spinach has been planted so hopefully it won't be too long before our supplies have been replenished.

While the net was out at our house, Jake did some of his online business at our wonderful local bakery/bookstore, "Sandy's Books and Bakery". They have a charming little flower garden out front that's always an inspiration. We took one family trip their so I could get caught up on my e-mails too, and while Jake used the laptop, I took some snapshots of the garden. They also have a veggie garden out back where they source some of their food for their delicious cafe. I thought I'd share

 Beautiful red-orange climbers decorate their sign.
I just noticed driving by that they've added some pretty purple flowers and such to the area where you see some withering. They're so on top of things!

Their sunflowers are looking very cheerful... our ones at home haven't bloomed yet, but are reaching high to the sky. Hopefully they'll be ginormous!
I don't know what this is... some type of herb, I guess, but I love the look of it.
Teepees are pure magic in the garden.

Miss Elsa didn't much notice the plants because their was a fine set of stairs to go up and down

A pretty little stone patio next to the garden.  I'd love to someday have a large enough garden to have a dining area in the center. The hops growing on the side of the porch are a great source of shade. I'm thinking of doing this with grapes on one side of our porch.
A close up of the climber that's on the sign... need to find out what it's called... it looks a bit like bleeding hearts.

Obviously I'm trying to avoid the realities of my own garden by sharing other happy spots of earth, but I do feel my enthusiasm rise when I get to investigate what others are doing. I hope it inspires you a little too, even if you only have a garden in your day dreams.

I've actually been doing a bit of sewing lately too, so more from that realm soon!


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