Elsa at Ten Months

I nearly forgot to do a ten month update for Miss Elsa! Ten months on the 6th of March... crazy town! The first year zooms by the second time around! Here's what my little elfin queen is up to these days:
- having horrible teething, but still no teeth!
- eating chunky food, gumming big apples and other delights
- chucking lots of food on the floor
- shrieking like a banshee when I fail to meet her every need
- rolling around on the floor with big sister every chance she gets
- said "I love you!" once to her Dada (so sweet)
- also says something that sounds like "I did it!"
- understanding far more than she's saying
- enjoying the crawling stage and not showing much interest yet in walking
- bathing in the big tub
- is a super cuddle bug
- always trying to get into the fridge and bathroom when opportunity arises
- still does cute baby babble singing


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