Teddy Bear Leg Warmers

Don't let the Bumbo fool you, this girl can sit on her own! As of early last week, she's officially a sitter! But that's not really what this post is about.  I just wanted to quickly share these crochet leg warmers that I had originally started for my little nephew, Finn. They are made from a light teddy bear brown cotton yarn. Unfortunately, Finn is a roly poly little man and these just won't do for him. I miscalculated somewhere along the way. No worries, I have more yarn to make a wider pair for those chubby baby thighs, and these ones are working perfect for Miss Elsa (unlike the purple ones that are still too wide). Those rainbow booties that you can see a hint of in these photos were made by a local woman and purchased for Oona once upon a time. The bunny hat was also Oona's, made by Mama for her first Easter. It's so fun to get to see these favorite baby items again. It makes me a little weepy realizing how quickly they grow, and soon they'll have to find a teddy bear to keep them useful.


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